Awesome Toffee


To our treasured friends, the making of our famous Almond Toffee has been in our family for three wonderful generations. I can remember when I was five and my grandmother first introduced me to the craft. I ate the whole batch; I was the happiest five year old in Missouri.  Later, the Toffee became our special treat at Thanksgiving and Christmas- which is why I love making this candy so much! It is so elegant and makes people feel special when they eat it. (Sort of like the feeling of drinking eggnog at Christmas) But Toffee is a candy you can share with your family all year long. When my Grandmother passed away I knew her special toffee had to live on, and that is why I've started sharing our Toffee to the world. Our chocolatey, buttery, nutty toffee is great for parties, gatherings, gifts, or just with milk. Our toffee has brought my family together, and I would love for it to be a part of yours. Special family traditions or special time spent with children are times you and they will never forget. Please let me bring your family together. God bless and have a great day!

With Love,
​Loretta Akers

Creating the toffee you love, for the ones you love!